Jul 14

Travelling on a Budget

travel for penniesThe key to budget travel is to make sure that you are always on top of the money you have and what you need. Firstly give yourself a set amount of money to spend each day and a small emergency fund. This way you won’t overspend or buy everything in the first few days and have no money left over for the end of your holiday.

Look around for cheap options before you purchase anything, this includes accommodation, food and gifts. It is also worth negotiating on prices when you can. Even in countries that aren’t known for reducing prices it is still worth a try. If you are arriving at accommodation late in the day it is worth trying to get the price down a bit as it is unlikely that they are going to be able to find anyone else to have the room.

If you meet friends along the way see if they know of any bargain restaurants or shops. They might also be able to give you cheap accommodation ideas like sleeping on a sofa or where the best value hotels are. Never underestimate the local knowledge, they will your best allies on a cheap holiday.

If you want to make the most of budget travel then try to experience the real people and places where you go and don’t end up visiting all the normal tourist areas. Not only do these rarely represent the place you are visiting, they also cost a lot more for everything ranging from the entrance fee to the food. 

Budget travel can be great fun and you don’t need to get obsessed by money, once you are used to looking for cheap options and getting prices down where you can, the experience can add to the fun of your trip.

Jul 14

Toning Your Core Before a Trip with a Ball Chair

grey ball chairThe yoga ball chair is the new trend when it comes to office based fitness. The working professional spends a big chunk of the day behind the office desk and most have complained of back pain after spending extended periods of time seated.

Thus arises the need to prevent the back muscles from getting fatigued. This can be achieved by sitting with a straight back without hunching forward or leaning back. It is easier said than done and more often than not one forgets to sit upright which may put one at risk of back problems.

The yoga ball chair is meant to encourage better posture and core strength. Its design encourages you to keep your back straight all day long which, in the long run, will positively affect your posture even when standing. For the stability balls that do not come with the back rest, the muscles of your core will have to compensate to keep you upright. With time these muscles, including the abs, obliques and lumbar, will tone and develop as you are seated at your desk working.  Check out reviews at: Yogaballchairs.com/shop/ball-chair-reviews

Another reason why you should replace your office chair with a yoga ball is that one is able to do stretches and mini-workouts with it while seated at the desk. Such convenience may encourage one to do such quick workouts and stretches even more thus resulting in better health. Studies have shown that sitting on a stability ball makes one burn up to four times the calories as compared to an office chair. This is because, while sitting on a stability ball, when one reaches for objects on the office desk the muscles in the opposite leg and back are forced to contract more.

At the very beginning it is advised that you use it at intervals as you get used to the changes. Be sure to inflate the ball to its proper height such that you thighs are parallel to the floor when you are seated on the ball. Be sure to choose the right yoga ball chair for your height and weight.

Jul 14

Relieve Travel Pain with a Kneeling Chair

back pain on flightTravel pains are generally common in people who are used to sitting long hours behind computers, take fewer exercises, or have inappropriate diet to support nerves and bones linked to the back. However, you can comfortably relieve travel pain with a kneeling chair easily, conveniently, and fast. 

The kneeling chair (www.modeets.com/kneeling-chairs) provides faster back pain relief because the decline has additional room for your hips which are connected lower back muscles. As opposed to tightening, the seat allows spine and hip attached muscles to expand and relax. This also results from the fact that the sitting angle modulated by the seat help to keep spinal cord columns straight so that immediate supportive muscles relax without having to support the spine. 

The seat is a perfect way to develop the right posture. Sitting with a good column that supports the spine makes the body to get accustomed to the upright spine. With time, this position becomes the right posture. You will enjoy the upright posture as other people at work, exercise units, and even social areas take notice. 

When you use the seat, it helps to develop comfort on the long term. The design does not cause stress that is common with other chairs. Pads on the lower knee section and sitting pad are soft and also allow you to adopt varying positions. For example, one foot can be placed on the main floor while the other rests on the knee pad. This allows the hip muscles and associated ligaments to strengthen. 

With continued use of this seat, core muscle tissues at the back, ribs, and hips easily develop. Many tiny muscles along the abdomen will also start growing and make you feel better, stronger, and more effective. It is because of this that people who use kneeling chairs report increased productivity and general higher performance.